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Anthony Ware Magicians Baltimore
Anthony Ware Magicians Baltimore

Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Comedy Magician

(Clean Comedy Magic & Fun For Adult Audiences)

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You are in the right place if you searched Google for a professional magician, AKA Baltimore magician, or a clean comic magician in Baltimore, and found this page.

Like your Baltimore neighbors, you want an experienced comedy magician with the chops to ensure you get the highest quality, clean, adult, magical entertainment.

Anthony Ware has been a leading magician for more than twenty years.

You can depend on the specialized comedy magic of Anthony Ware.

Anthony’s customer service is 5 out of 5 stars (Google Verified Reviews).

Why Call Anthony Ware?

 World-class Sleight of Hand Magic Artist.


 Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy.


 Clean Humor Approved For All Audiences.


 Hassle-free Pricing – Anthony is Happy to Speak With You About Your Event.


 Anthony’s Magic & Comedy  Make You Look Good To Your Guests, Family, and Friends.

As you know, planning an event can be daunting and time-consuming.

A Professional Comedy Magician Helps Your Guests With Stress Relief: Laughter and amazement triggered by a magic show can relieve stress and help guests unwind, adding a positive and enjoyable element to the event.

Hiring a professional comedy magician for entertainment offers several advantages beyond just laughter.

Here are 15 benefits you might not have considered:

  1. Unique Entertainment: A comedy magician brings a distinctive form of entertainment that combines humor, magic, and audience interaction, providing a refreshing and memorable experience.
  2. Audience Engagement: Professional magicians know how to engage and interact with the audience, creating a dynamic and immersive show that involves everyone present.
  3. Versatility: Comedy magicians can adapt their performances to various settings, from corporate events to private parties, making them suitable for numerous occasions.
  4. Stress Relief: Laughter and amazement triggered by a magic show can relieve stress and help guests unwind, adding a positive and enjoyable element to the event.
  5. Ice Breaker: A comedy magician can serve as an excellent ice breaker, breaking down barriers among guests and fostering a fun atmosphere at the beginning of an event.
  6. Memorable Moments: Magicians create unforgettable moments, leaving guests with lasting memories of the event or celebration.
  7. Universal Appeal: Magic and comedy transcend language and cultural barriers, making it accessible and enjoyable for diverse audiences.
  8. Customized Performances: Professional comedy magicians can tailor their performances to match the theme or message of the event, making it more relevant and impactful.
  9. Team Building: For corporate events, a comedy magician can facilitate team-building exercises and promote camaraderie among employees through interactive tricks.
  10. Boosting Energy: The excitement and entertainment provided by a magic show can inject energy into any event, ensuring guests remain engaged and enthusiastic.
  11. Family-Friendly Entertainment: Comedy magicians typically offer family-friendly shows suitable for audiences of all ages, making them perfect for gatherings with children and adults alike.
  12. Attention-Grabber: A magic performance captivates audiences and ensures their full attention, making it an effective way to deliver important messages or announcements during events.
  13. Professionalism: Hiring a professional comedy magician ensures a polished and well-organized performance, reflecting positively on the event planner or host.
  14. Networking Opportunities: Comedy magic shows encourage social interactions and provide opportunities for guests to connect and network.
  15. Guaranteed Entertainment: Magicians are trained entertainers who understand how to captivate an audience, ensuring that your event has a reliable source of entertainment.

In conclusion, hiring a professional comedy magician offers surprising and diverse advantages that can elevate any event, leaving guests with smiles, laughter, and a sense of wonder. Their ability to combine magic with humor makes them a versatile and engaging entertainment option for various gatherings and celebrations.

Preparing for a comedy magician to perform at your event can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the magician and the audience.

Here are the top 10 ways to prepare for the performance:

  1. Communicate Event Details: Provide the comedy magician with all the necessary details about your event, including the date, time, location, audience size, and any specific requirements or themes.
  2. Designate Performance Area: Set aside a designated performance area that offers sufficient space for the magician to move around and interact with the audience comfortably.
  3. Check Technical Requirements: If the comedy magician requires any technical equipment, such as a microphone, speakers, or lighting, ensure they are available and in good working condition.
  4. Inform About the Audience: Let the magician know about the composition of the audience (e.g., age range, language preferences, cultural diversity) to help them tailor their performance accordingly.
  5. Discuss Performance Length: Determine the desired length of the performance and communicate it to the magician in advance so they can plan their act accordingly.
  6. Arrange Seating: Arrange seating for the audience to ensure everyone has a clear view of the performance area and can fully enjoy the show.
  7. Address Special Requests: If you have specific requests or preferences for the magician’s act (e.g., incorporating a company message, avoiding particular topics), communicate these beforehand.
  8. Prepare Introduction: Prepare a brief and enthusiastic introduction for the magician to set the tone and generate excitement among the audience.
  9. Coordinate Logistics: Ensure that the magician knows where to park, how to access the venue, and any other logistical details they may need.
  10. Promote Interaction: Encourage audience members to participate and engage with the magician during the performance, as audience interaction is often a key element of a comedy magic show.

By taking these preparatory steps, you can help create an ideal environment for the comedy magician to deliver a fantastic and entertaining performance. Clear communication and thoughtful planning will contribute to a successful and memorable event that amazes the audience.

About Baltimore, Harford County, and Washington, D.C. Comedy Magician Anthony Ware’s Shows:

If you want a five-star comedy magic entertainment performance for your “Event,” look no further!

I present a high-energy show with fun & good taste and lots of delightful, fun, and fantastic audience participation.

My Entertainment Presentations have helped many people like you solve their challenge of finding an entertaining, dynamic & engaging performance. I am one performer that will have your audience sitting on the edge of their seats with mouths wide open from amazement!

If you are ready to invoke a little playfulness in your audience while bringing down the house, my Comedy Magic Show would be the perfect addition to your event.

Being a full-time professional Maryland based Comedy Magician and Entertainer with more than 15 years of entertainment experience, my passion for performing has allowed me to entertain audiences of various backgrounds and cultures for formal and informal events, including:

✓ Corporate functions
✓ Banquets
✓ Cocktail Hours
✓ Hospitality Suites
✓ Conventions
✓ Office Parties
✓ Open Houses
✓ Birthday Parties
✓ Company picnics
✓ Family events

and many more!

I tailor each show for my audience.

Your guests will laugh at my Hilarious Antics & Witty Humor while I amaze them. The magic is Jaw-dropping, Head-scratching, Mind-boggling feats.


They will come up to you after the show, tell you how much fun they had, and ask, “Where did you find this guy?”

Whether for an audience of a few or hundreds, I aim to make your “Event” the most super-fun and memorable one you desire.

Give Your Group a Day They Will Not Soon Forget!

Several factors come into play when booking a professional Maryland-based Entertainer (Magician).

Like any profession, price is an indicator. The lower the price, the more likely the magician (notice I did not say entertainer) is not a full-time pro and could be more experienced with their craft.

With Anthony Ware Entertainment, you will not get “some guy doing a few cheesy kid’s party tricks.” Anthony Ware is an ENTERTAINER first, then a magician! (Like having a bit of Las Vegas at your event).

Sure, many will pay a low fee to get a few $. However, your savings may not be worth it if the “cheapest” magician puts your audience to sleep. I present an entertaining, dynamic & engaging professional show that is also affordable.

P.S. I am Background Checked and Fully Insured for your peace of mind.

My calendar books up quickly. So, when you search Google for phrases such as Baltimore Magicians and find this website, you know you are now in good hands.

Call Now to secure your date. 410-779-9535

*** If you want an Entertainer with a track record for delivering fantastic results… See FIVE-STAR REVIEWS. CLICK HERE

For “sophisticated (adult) style magic shows, visit
www.AnthonyWareMagic.com (Adult/Corporate Style Events)

Anthony Ware
Comedy Magician & Entertainer

Baltimore Magicians

Private & Corporate Event Magicians and Other Entertainers

DJs, Emcees, Balloon Artists, Clowns, Caricature Artists

Dazzling and Hilarious Comedy Magician Anthony Ware Adds Pizzazz to Corporate and Private Events Along With Various Entertainers

Attention: Baltimore and Washington DC event planners. Those looking for a squeaky-clean, high-energy performer with all the right moves need to look no further than Anthony Ware, an entertainer with dazzling magic skills, zany humor, and a flair for creating audience participation. Ware is now accepting bookings for the greater Baltimore and Washington DC areas.

Ware is a veteran of the United States Army who discovered his passion for magic while serving his country. After watching a magic show, Ware became determined to learn the craft. After years of honing the tricks of his trade, Ware quickly became a successful entertainer, performing magic shows, emceeing events, and performing at parties and milestone events.

Ware is known for his ability to please everyone from “know-it-all” teenagers to corporate CEOs during any event. The key to his performance is fast-paced, hilarious, and interactive. “Audience participation is a must – I guarantee nobody will fall asleep or leave when I’m performing, “said Ware. “If you are searching for a squeaky-clean, amazing, high-energy, comedy-magic entertainer—you found the one.”

Ware is adept at stage entertainment, where he can mesmerize audiences at formal or informal corporate events. He also excels at strolling entertainment, which features the personalized experience of Ware performing tricks right in front of guests. Booking Ware is as easy as visiting his website or calling his telephone, where Ware promises to have customers booked in 9 minutes or less.jeri

Mr. Ware also works with (and books) other entertainment too. The entertainers include Comedians, Face Painters, DJs, Emcees, Balloon Artists, Clowns, and Caricature Artists.


Booking Baltimore Magician Anthony Ware is easy…. Text or Call Anthony Direct at 410-779-9535

During your first telephone call with magician Anthony Ware, you can quickly secure your date and time. Book Mr. Ware by paying everything in full or whatever amount you and Anthony agreed to during your call.


Professional Magician Anthony Ware Services The Following Harford County and Baltimore Areas:

Aberdeen MD Magician | Abingdon MD Magician | Baldwin MD Magician | Bel Air MD Magician | Belcamp MD Magician | Bradshaw MD Magician | Chase MD Magician | Churchville MD Magician | Cockeysville MD Magician | Colora MD Magician Conowingo MD Magician | Darlington MD Magician | Dundalk MD Magician | Edemere MD Magician | Edgewood MD Magician Essex MD Magician | Fallston MD Magician | Forest Hill MD Magician | Fork MD Magician | Glen Arm MD Magician Glencoe MD Magician | Havre de Grace MD Magician | Hunt Valley MD Magician | Hydes MD Magician | Jacksonville MD Magician Jarrettsville MD Magician | Joppa MD Magician | Joppatowne MD Magician | Kingsville MD Magician | Long Green MD Magician Lutherville MD Magician | Middle River MD Magician | Monkton MD Magician | Northeast MD Magician | Nottingham MD Magician Overlea MD Magician | Owings Mills MD Magician | Parkton MD Magician | Parkville MD Magician | Perry Hall MD Magician Perryville MD Magician | Phoenix MD Magician | Port Deposit MD Magician | Pylesville MD Magician | Rising Sun MD Magician Rosedale MD Magician | Sparks MD Magician | Street MD Magician | Timonium MD Magician | Towson MD Magician | Upper Falls MD Magician | Whiteford MD Magician | White Hall MD Magician | White Marsh MD Magician

If you need trade show magic service, we can help you. Call or Text 410-779-9535 to Check Mr. Ware’s Availability for Your Event.

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