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Gender Reveal Party Baltimore Magician Anthony Ware Magic MarylandWhy everyone should hire a magician for their gender reveal party

Is it a boy or a girl?

When you’re expecting, finding out the gender of your baby is a very special moment. So special, in fact, that many couples choose to have an entire celebration to announce the gender of their coming child.

Gender reveal parties are increasingly popular, and always a fun treat!

You may have heard of using cakes, balloons, pinatas, or party poppers to reveal the baby’s gender…but that’s old news! Have you ever thought of using magic for your gender reveal?

Hiring a magician for your gender reveal party is a fun and unique way to enhance the party experience for you and your guests. A magician can help you with the gender reveal itself, plus they can also entertain your guests in the time before the gender reveal moment.

Here are some of the reasons that you should hire a magician for your gender reveal party.

Host a unique party

Some gender reveal party ideas are so played out! We have all seen cakes, poppers, and balloons used to announce the gender of people’s babies.

You don’t want your party to be just like everyone else’s!

Do something new and exciting. Hiring a magician will make for a fun and fresh gender reveal party experience.

Ware brings a wonderful flair to his performance. With a variety of tricks in his performance, the opportunities to incorporate a gender reveal element into his magic show are endless. And you can guarantee no one has seen anything like it before!

Create a memorable experience for everyone
Popping a balloon or cutting a cake only takes a moment. What are your guests supposed to do for the rest of the party?

Hiring a magician will keep your guests entertained throughout the party and enhance their overall experience.

Ware is a clean-humor, high-energy performer who will captivate your party guests and engage them with fun, natural audience participation techniques.

Your gender reveal party is a special day that you want to remember, and Ware’s magic will certainly make it a memorable day!

Have a great virtual experience

These days, it is just not realistic for everyone to have large in-person events. Luckily, Ware is a skilled performer, even virtually!

Even if you cannot have your gender reveal party in person, you still deserve to have some fun! Do the reveal on the big screen! Create a great virtual experience for your guests with a virtual gender reveal party filled with magic and laughs.

Worried it might be a little awkward? Never fear! Ware is extremely talented at keeping audiences of any age entertained and has mastered the art of keeping even virtual audiences engaged and entertained.

Booking is fast and easy

If you think you are interested in booking Ware to bring magic into your gender reveal party, call Anthony at (443) 414-2150 today.

We want to help make your special day as easy and painless as possible. We promise to make the booking process fast and easy. Booking with us takes only nine minutes or less!

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