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Anthony Ware Magicians Baltimore
Anthony Ware Magicians Baltimore

Private Event

Hiring a magician for a private house party can add excitement and entertainment to your event.

Here’s a checklist to help you find and hire the perfect magician for your private house party:

  1. Determine Your Needs and Budget:

    • Decide on the type of magic performance you want (close-up, parlor, etc.).
    • Set a budget for hiring the magician, considering their performance time and any additional costs.
  2. Begin Your Search Early:

    • Start looking for a magician well in advance to secure the best options and availability.
  3. Ask for Recommendations:

    • Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who may have hired magicians for their events.
  4. Online Research:

    • Search online for local magicians, visit their websites, and read reviews or testimonials.
  5. Check Experience and Specialization:

    • Look for magicians experienced in performing at private parties and with the type of magic you’re interested in.
  6. Contact Multiple Magicians:

    • Contact several magicians to inquire about availability, pricing, and performance options.
  7. Discuss Performance Details:

    • Communicate your expectations and preferences for the magic performance.
    • Discuss the duration of the performance, the number of guests, and the performance area within your house.
  8. Confirm Availability:

    • Ensure the magician is available on your desired date and time.
  9. Request Quotes:

    • Obtain detailed quotes from different magicians, including all costs and potential extra fees.
  10. Meet or Video Call:

    • Schedule a meeting or video call with the magician to discuss your requirements and understand their personality and professionalism.
  11. Review Performance Videos:

    • Ask for videos of the magician’s past performances to see their style and skills.
  12. Check References:

    • Request references from the magician’s previous clients to learn about their experiences.
  13. Discuss Technical Requirements:

    • Confirm the magician’s technical needs, such as space, lighting, and sound equipment.
  14. Contract Review:

    • Carefully review the magician’s contract, clearly outlining all details and terms.
  15. Discuss Attire:

    • Ensure the magician’s attire aligns with the tone and theme of your house party.
  16. Insurance and Legalities:

    • Inquire about liability insurance and any legal requirements for public performances.
  17. Deposit and Payment Schedule:

    • Understand the magician’s deposit and payment schedule, including payment methods and deadlines.
  18. Finalize Performance Details:

    • Confirm all performance logistics, timing, and any last-minute adjustments.
  19. Coordinate with the Venue:

    • If needed, inform the magician about the layout and features of your house for optimal performance.
  20. Follow-Up Before the Event:

    • Touch base with the magician a few weeks before the party to confirm all arrangements.
  21. Enjoy the Magic:

    • On the day of the event, relax and relish the magical entertainment that will delight your guests.

Hiring a private house party magician can create a memorable and enchanting atmosphere for your event. Take your time to find the right magician who aligns with your vision and ensures a fantastic experience for your guests.

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